Mrunal Manmay Dash

Kendrapara: Distressed with administration allegedly turning a blind eye over construction of an all-weather bridge in the area, the locals of Kalamada Sasan, Daitaripur and Padanipal villages decided to take the matter into their own hands and have begun construction of a temporary bridge on their own.

As per reports, these three villages are surrounded by Kharasrota and Kani rivers from all the sides which means they remain virtually cut-off from the mainland sans an all-weather bridge.

The locals reportedly face many difficulties all year long as the only means of communication is boats. And in case of health emergencies, they are left to the mercy of God as they have to cross the river to avail any sort of medical help.

Sushant Kumar Patra, a local said, "We have boats here to cross the river and there is no other means of communication. We are facing difficulties to facilitate our children's education and also in case of any kind of health emergencies."

So dire was the situation there, that even people from nearby villages reportedly refused to marry off their daughters in that area only because there wasn't a bridge to communicate.

Gangadhar Das, another local alleged, "We went to the local MLA and MP demanding a bridge but in return, we got only assurance and nothing else."

"We didn't want a large and wide bridge, but a basic bridge to cross the river by foot. The government didn't listen to that request too,” alleged another.

Finally, they created a fund, contributed money and set out carrying shovels on their shoulders to build a temporary bridge on their own.

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