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Vikash Sharma

Dharmagarh: The police have detained two persons who were allegedly involved in some black magic rituals, ostensibly meant to find hidden treasure, at Rankabahal Village in Kalahandi district on Monday.

Chandra Sekhar Sabar, Inspector-in-charge at the Dharmagarh Police Station told OTV that following the receipt of information from villagers, the police had visited the spot and detained two of the persons involved in the act for questioning.

“We have started an investigation. The questioning of the detainees has started. Their further questioning will help us to unravel the mystery,” he said.

Residents at Rankabahal village said that they were informed about a group of people who had gathered at a secluded place on Monday night to perform some rituals associated with black magic.

They said the group of 9 persons had dug a large pit and kept some bones (presumably human), flowers and other puja articles near it.

When the villagers approached them, they tried to flee. While seven of them managed to escape, the villagers caught hold of two of them.

“I had joined the group though I did not know what exactly they were trying to do. I was told that some hidden treasure was buried there,” claimed Jogesh Bacha, one of the group members detained by the police.

Santosh Padhi, a villager said, “We don’t know whether the ritual was being performed for any hidden treasure or sacrifice. We rushed to the spot after learning that a 15-ft deep pit has been dug up by some people who were performing some strange ritual,” he said, adding, “we managed to nab two of them.”

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