Pradeep Singh

Gajapati: In a couple of days, he would have turned 15, but little did he know that his attempt to take a selfie will cost his life. Suriya, the 14-year-old boy who was charred to death while attempting to take a selfie atop a stationary train at Paralakhemundi railway station, left the entire city in grief and shock. Suriya's family members are yet to come to terms with his unexpected death.

Like any other day, Suriya woke up in the morning and in the evening, he had gone to the Paralakhemundi railway station area with his friends.

He was having a gala time with friends till he climbed atop of the stationary train at the railway station for a selfie. Suriya accidentally came in contact with the live overhead wire and got electrocuted.

"Five boys were clicking selfies near the stationary train when one of the boys atop the train came in contact with the overhead wire and got electrocuted," said an eyewitness, Shankar Rath.

"He (Suriya) went out of the house at around 6 pm to hang out with friends. At around 7 pm, we got to know about the incident," said a relative of Suriya, CH Buji.

JP Naik of railway police informed that the train was engaged in COVID-19 works. "He climbed atop the train and told his friends to click his picture. He came in contact with the overhead wire and died on the spot due to electrocution," he added.