Saswat Singhdeo

Balasore: After meeting each other on Facebook, a young couple in Balasore fell in love, but they were completely unaware of the consequences.

In Soro area of the district, the youth from Babupatna area was forced by locals to marry his Facebook friend, whom he had come to meet last night.

As per reports, after finding the youth at the girl's residence in absence of her family members, some locals detained the youth and informed the family of the girl.

Subsequently, all arrangements were made for their marriage reportedly with the consent of family members of both sides.

“They fell in love two months back on Facebook and met each other on multiple occasions. After finding the youth at her home last night, everyone decided to get them married,” said a local resident.

While the marriage was conducted in the presence of local residents and relatives, no comments could be obtained from the couple.