Suryakant Jena

Bhubaneswar: Amid a slew of significant developments following the dramatic escape of Shaikh Hyder aka Hyder from Cuttack SCB, senior BJP leader Bijoy Mohapatra on Tuesday pointed fingers at some ‘influential officers’ alleging them of hatching a ‘major conspiracy’ to help the dreaded gangster flee from custody.

“Top officers of Odisha Police seem to be spreading a body of lies by issuing useless statements in connection with the case to avoid the blame, but no one is ready to admit the mistake and clarify why and how the incident happened in the first place,” Mohapatra told reporters.

The senior leader wondered how a gangster like Hyder stayed for some days in a premier healthcare institute like SCB without the knowledge of the STF. “If that is so, then the STF chief’s head must roll. This apart, Cuttack DCP, Sambalpur SP, ADG (Law and Order) and, most of all, Police DG are all responsible for this outrageous incident,” he said.

As far as the hospitalisation is concerned, it remains to be seen as to who approved allotment of a cabin to the gangster, Mohapatra said.

The BJP leader pointed out that Hyder had visited the SCB Hospital several times in the past and also in December last year.  “But under whose authority,” he asked.

The way things were being handled, it gives an impression that several top officials knew about the gangster’s escape plans in December itself but preferred to remain mum, he alleged.

“The stance of the Prison authorities, Police and Hospital administration in the case are incoherent. There are many unanswered questions which makes the whole case murkier with every passing day,” said Mohapatra.

Meanwhile, SCB’s Emergency Officer BN Moharana on Tuesday clarified that Hyder had himself applied to avail a special cabin for his treatment.

Hyder had applied for the cabin and the treating surgeon had also approved his letter. Due to availability, he was granted a cabin. He was admitted to Cabin number 5 of Surgery ward in SCB on March 23 for operation of bilateral hydrocele. He was suffering from pain and other comorbid conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Renal and Prostrate issues, Maharana said.

Moharana told reporters that Hyder had to stay for many days in the hospital because he was under pre-surgery observation and was administered medication for balancing vital parameters before his scheduled operation on April 10.

He also admitted that SCB authorities did not inform the police about the gangster on the day when he was admitted to the hospital.