Sanjeev Kumar Pradhan

Bhubaneswar:  A police complaint was filed against Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and Sports secretary Vishal Dev today at the Capital Police Station alleging mass irregularities and black-marketing of Hockey World Cup tickets.

As per the complaint, the tickets which cost Rs 100 were sold at the rate of Rs 1000 and ticket priced at Rs 500 were sold at Rs 4000 in black market.

The complaint was filed by RTI activists & social workers demanding a detailed probe into the incident and legal action against the people involved.

“We have lodged an FIR against Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and Sports department secretary Vishal Dev as no clarification has been given by the government over irregularities in Hockey World Cup ticket sale. We demand a detailed probe into the incident,” civil society member, Sanjukta Panigrahy said.

The activists further alleged that CM Naveen, Vishal Dev and other government officers are involved in giving out inflated contracts for Hockey World Cup games to the tune of crores of rupees arbitrarily, thereby misusing their official positions for private gain.