Rojalin Mishra

Malkangiri:  Once again the sordid condition of poor rural infrastructure and healthcare in Odisha was exposed after a pregnant woman, who was carried on a cot, delivered a baby girl in the ambulance on the way to the hospital in remote Malkangiri district. The shocking incident was reported from at Mantriput village in the district today.

The woman had to be carried on a cot for 8 kms as ambulance failed to reach her due to absence of motorable road in the village, sources said.

As per reports, one Padmini Muduli of the village complained of labour pain in the morning today forcing her family members to seek immediate medical attention. Though they called an ambulance, it halted some 8 kms away due to non-motorable road in the village.

As Padmini's condition continued to deteriorate, her family members then decided to carry her to the ambulance on a cot. Later, Padmini reportedly delivered a baby girl in the ambulance on the way to Orkel hospital at Balimela in the district.

"We have to cover a distance of 15kms to reach Balimela healthcare centre. Due to absence of motorable road, we fail to avail ambulance services. In many cases patients die before reaching the hospital," alleged a local.

In a similar instance, one  Moti Hantal of the same village delivered a baby boy  while she was being carried on a cot to reach the ambulance waiting several kilometers away from the village yesterday.