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Vikash Sharma

Cuttack: The authorities of Sishu Bhawan today constituted a seven-member doctors’ team for the treatment of the conjoined twin girls who were admitted to the hospital from Dhenkanal yesterday.

Sishu Bhawan superintendent Saroj Satpathy informed that as the twin girls share a common heart, carrying out necessary treatment and surgery will be really challenging for the medical team.

“Today, we have conducted some tests and as the condition of the twins is still critical, more tests will have to be conducted to arrive at any decision as we suspect that the twins share vital organs,” said Satpathy.

It is pertinent to mention here that one Renubala of Khalpal village in Parjang block had given birth to the conjoined twins on July 1.

The newborns are joined at chest and stomach and weigh 4.3 kgs.

“We are really worried even though doctors here in Cuttack have started treatment,” said Pradip Behera, father of the conjoined twins.

On reports that the conjoined twin girls might be sent outside Odisha for further treatment, Pradip expressed his inability citing his poor financial condition.

“As the State government funded the entire treatment of the conjoined twins-Jaga and Kalia, I urge the government to take necessary measures for the treatment of my newborns,” Pradip added.

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