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Suryakant Jena

Keonjhar: Decades after India’s independence, development at least in basic amenities still continues to be a far-fetched dream for many. There are places in Odisha where people have never realised how a proper motorable road looks like let alone proper healthcare facilities.

Such is the sordid state of affairs in Tamanga village of Keonjhar district. The village seated on hilly terrain and nearly 12 kms away from the nearest town of Telkoi lacks all sorts of facilities for the people in the region.

Joga Dehury of the village on Tuesday had to leave his pregnant wife Nandini at the mercy of God as he along with his other family members were forced to carry her to the hospital that too on a sling.

According to sources, an ambulance could not reach the village due to absence of motorable road following which the family members prepared a sling with ropes and a cooking vessel and carried the expectant mother to Haladipani by crossing rugged terrain and stream of nearly 4 kms.

Thereafter, an ambulance picked the woman and took her to the nearest community health centre in Telkoi where she reportedly delivered a baby girl.

But, unfortunately, doctors informed that the baby was born still and had died inside the womb of her mother. The woman however is stated to be in good condition.


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