Odishatv Bureau

Berhampur: A woman from Gandhinagar area in Berhampur has filed a rape case against the arrested ex-Congress MLA Ramesh Jena alleging that she had been raped repeatedly by the legislator since 2013.

Talking exclusively to OTV, the victim, a widow, said “My husband was running a transport business and a liquor shop. At that time, Ramesh Jena use to collect extortion money from my husband. My husband died of cerebral malaria in 2004. I tried to run the transport business on my own but Ramesh Jena and his associates didn’t allow me to. I then tried to run the business at my parents' place in Berhampur, but they scuttled my efforts there too. Then I sold off the transport business and settled down in Berhampur.

One fine day in 2013, Ramesh Jena came to my house with his associate Bidu Bisoi and told me that if I had approached him rather than selling my business, he could have helped. Knowing his character, I said I didn’t want any help. While discussing this, Bidu Bisoi went outside and locked the room from outside. Then Ramesh Jena forced himself on me and raped me.

I told him that I will tell this to everyone. However, he threatened to kill all my family members if I divulged the matter. Even after his threat, I complained to the police but they didn’t listen. Without any cooperation from any one, I stayed mum.

Then after 3-4 months, he again came with the same person. When I protested, they showed a video clip with me in it and said that he will make it public. I could only stay silent and he raped me seven to eight times more.

I didn’t tell this to anyone except my mother. On January 28, 2016, he gain came to my house with two new persons. I was watching television then. He cranked up the volume and raped me again.

After the incident, I called my mother and told her that this is becoming unbearable and we have to report this incident or else I will commit suicide. My mother asked me to wait.

Then Ramesh Jena got arrested and when I saw action being taken against him, I mustered courage. Then I went to the SP and told my story. I was asked to submit a written complaint. I went to the Town police station and reported the matter on Friday.”

Ganjam SP Ashish Singh said; “A case has been registered against Ramesh Jena for repeatedly raping a widow and filming the act. Complaint has also been lodged against one of his associate Bidu Bisoi. As per the allegations, the victim was being abused for the past two years. We have registered an FIR and a case No 59 has been lodged in this connection. A rape case and a case under section 377 has also been registered. We have assigned an inspector-rank officer for investigation. Given the seriousness of the offence and the fact that the victim was being constantly threatened, we have arranged police security for the victim upon her request.”