Odishatv Bureau

Puri: Taking steps to curb crime and illegal activity in the town, the Puri SP has issued guidelines for hotels, lodges, holiday homes and guest house in the town as safety directives.

As per a notification from SP Sarthak Sadangi’s office, hotels and other lodging units in the town should regularly submit Occupancy Report to the police station without any fail. The report of a particular day should be submitted before 10 AM of the next day through a mail or as a hardcopy.

It further stated, the identity proof of the persons staying in the hotel should be kept without any fail and in case of foreign nationals the hotels and other lodging units are advised to follow immigration guidelines strictly.

The notification has asked the hotel owners and managers for timely renewal of the license as per the SARAI Act at Collectorate.

In order to tighten security, the notification has asked the hotels to install CCTV cameras in the hotel premises including parking areas of the hotel and also baggage scanners are advised to be set up at hotels and lodging units.

The notification stated that the bars should be closed within the prescribed time limit and the hotels should mandatorily conduct fire drills at regular intervals.

The list of employees should be deposited at the local police station and no illegal activities in the name of spa or parlour should be carried within the hotel and lodging premises, advised the notification.

The notification also said that in order to continue as a hotel or lodging unit it should have proper parking arrangements.