Bhadrak: The Bhadrak Police is planning to take Babua Mohanty on remand to elicit more information about the double murder at Talachitha village in Dhamnagar on Sunday. Babua, who confessed to the crime, was produced at the Bhadrak ADJ court amid tight security today.

Following his arrest on Monday night, the accused admitted to have killed the couple for previous enmity. However, a few hours later, the Bhadrak SP revealed that the motive behind the murders was to acquire Rs 2 lakh which the couple had received after a legal settlement.

However, since Babua has been frequently deviating from his statements, the cops wish to elicit more information from him and understand the real motive behind the murder, informed sources.

Earlier on Monday, body of Bhaktilata Beuria was found near the kitchen of her house.  Her husband Rabi Beuria who was missing after the incident was found dead in a canal after Babua confessed to the crime.

After Babua's confession, police recovered Rabi's body from a canal near Kalitra in Dhamnagar area of the district. The cops on Monday night had nabbed Babua from near a petrol pump at Chandrashekharpur in Bhubaneswar.