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Vikash Sharma

Bhubaneswar: The crackdown on traffic violators and collection of hefty fines after the implementation of the new Motor Vehicles (MV) Act in September has resulted rush in offices of Regional Transport Officers (RTO) in Odisha with people queuing up for getting several documents including Driving Licences (DL).

In a bid to provide some respite to people, Odisha Transport department has decided to streamline the existing process so that people do not face problems in getting their work done and obtaining documents including DL.

The transport department has now decided to install Automated Driver Testing Tracks (ADTT) in 18 districts of the State. At present, the driving test is being conducted manually in the State and once the new facility comes up, it will be easy for people to get necessary documents.

The automated driving testing tracks will feature state-of-the-art technology setup, including video analytics technology and a vast array of cameras and sensors.

“At present, the tests are conducted manually and we have decided to set up automated driving testing tracks in 18 districts. The applicants can know whether they have passed or failed in the tests,” said Transport Commissioner, Sanjeeb Panda.

Panda further stated that it will become convenient for the applicants as well as the authorities to complete the formalities before issuing of driving licences.

“Due to massive enforcement of traffic rules between September and December, the number of casualties in road mishaps has come down by at least 17 %. A lot of steps have been to create awareness and such enforcement drives will continue,” Panda said.

Panda informed that efforts are on to bring down the number of road mishaps and casualties by extensive use of technology. Integrated highway traffic management system will be introduced from the entire stretch from Rameswar to Chandikhole in the State.

“Once introduced, the new system will be helpful to put a check on incidents of rash driving, overspeed, non-use of helmets and other traffic violations as challans will be automatically issued,” Panda added.

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