Vikash Sharma

Forget noon, it has almost become impossible to venture out of homes after 9:30 am owing to severe heatwave conditions that have been prevailing in different parts of Odisha. Be it office goers, daily workers, elderly persons or children, every living individual is facing a lot of hardship to mitigate the intense hot and humid conditions.

With no forecast of major rain-related activities, people have no other option than to seek alternative measures to keep themselves and their family members protected from the scorching heatwave conditions.

“As online classes are being conducted in private schools, the children are not exposed to scorching heat. We are regularly providing liquid diet including fruit juices, ORS and other items to keep the, hydrated,”a resident of Cuttack said.

Already Odisha has witnessed heatwave spell for around 17 days in the month of April 2024. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) had also predicted a rise in maximum temperature in Odisha and issued red warning for severe heatwave conditions. The alert for severe heatwave conditions are likely to continue till May second week.

“We are only praying for some rain or thunderstorm activities and it has almost become unbearable for us to face such harsh conditions. Those having air conditioners at home have a peaceful sleep, but others have to wait till room temperature normalises after late night hours,” said another resident.

It is pertinent to mention here that mercury has breached the 43-44 degree mark in Odisha and several districts have recorded a maximum temperature of 40 degrees and above continuously for the last few days.

As per IMD, two places in Odisha- Baripada and Balasore recorded the highest maximum temperature of 36 degrees by 8:30 am on Monday.

On Sunday, 12 places in Odisha recorded a maximum or day temperature of 43 degree C while 27 places recorded a maximum temperature of 40 degrees and above.

As per IMD’s forecast issued on Sunday, the day temperature at several places of Odisha is likely to rise by 2 degrees due to prevailing mainly Northwesterly/Westerly dry air and high solar insolation. Consequently, the maximum temperature is likely to be above normal by 4 to 6°C in some districts of Odisha during the next 4 to 5 days.