Cassian Baliarsingh

A woman in a bikini left everyone surprised after she boarded a crowded bus in Delhi. A video of the reaction of passengers inside the bus seeing the bikini-clad woman went viral and created a stir online.

The video captures the woman standing inside the bus in just two pieces. Stunned by her outfit, a female passenger moves away from her. Later, another passenger sitting in front of the woman also leaves his seat and moves away.

The video is garnering mixed reactions online, with social media users terming it inappropriate for public transportation. However, as usual, another group defended the woman’s rights and claimed ‘it was her choice’.

An 'X' user shared the video and wrote, “A woman came in Delhi’s cluster bus wearing only a bikini. The video went viral.” As expected, the video has gone viral with 21.6K views and thousands of likes and comments.

“Time to time daure padh jate hain Delhi main... Samjh se bahar h k sabit kya karna h jo nhi kr pa rahi hain,” commented a user.
Another user commented, “Why should metro passengers have all fun.” “It's here choice,” commented a third.

Worth mentioning, a video of a naked man riding his scooter at 2 am night on Nagpur roads had earlier gone viral on social media.