Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Are you a regular commuter of metro or local trains ? If yes, then you must have loads of funny, tragic, depressing, and enthralling memories collected on a day-to-day basis. Even you must have heard several tales from other co-passengers. But, have you ever heard or seen of any passenger forced to travel alongside a loco-pilot?

Though unbelievable, it’s true. A stubborn woman was forced by railway staff to sit beside the loco pilot of a metro and she continued her journey comfortably. 

As seen in the video, the woman had climbed up the metro before it left the platform. However, the coach was crowded with passengers and she failed to make her way inside the crowd. 

But, the woman was stubborn enough not to leave her place. While half of her body was inside the coach, half was hanging outside for which the coach's door failed to shut. 

The RPF and other railway staff tried to convince her as she was creating trouble for other passengers. Finally, after a few moments, the arrogant woman agreed to the offer made by the staff and walked out of the coach. 

The railway staff settled her beside the loco pilot in the engine. 

Though this incident seems to be funny, the woman triggered resentment among other passengers as well as the staff as the metro halted at the station and would likewise arrive late than the scheduled time at other stations.