Poonam Singh

Nowadays, everyone loves to capture every moment of their life and especially if there is a function in the family or a loved one is getting married. People try to capture everything on their smartphones. They sometimes even compete with professional photographers who are there to capture the event.

Often, they are so engrossed in taking pictures and videos that they forget what is around them. Like this woman who was so busy taking pictures of a bride and groom that she didn’t notice standing on the edge of the road and ended up falling into a drain.

The video clip was posted on an Instagram page named hyderabadi__jaan. The clip has gone viral with over 10.5 million and 282K likes till filing of the copy.

In the viral clip, a bride and groom can be seen coming out of a house with family and friends surrounding them. While professional photographers were there to capture the moment, many relatives also started recording the moment on their phones. Among them was a lady in a black dress who began capturing the moment.

However, the lady didn’t realise she was standing on the edge and accidentally fell into a drain. As the water was not deep, she was rescued by people present in the wedding procession.

Little did the woman know that while capturing a beautiful moment she would fall into the drain and become a reason for people to laugh on the internet. 

“People can forget the marriage but they don't forget the memorable scene,” one user wrote. Another joked, “Begani shadi me abduli diwani”

While some found the video funny, others pointed out how insensitive it is for others to laugh at the miseries of a person. One user defends the woman and wrote, “Poor lady I don’t know why these people are laughing” Another said, “Are we laughing at someone who just fall...... We have become so degraded.”