Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Infidelity leaves a family broken apart. Relationships get destroyed leaving the victims devastated. Even the victim may lose his/her control of anger and may react violently. Such reactions are natural when a person discovers his/her life or love partner cheating on him/her.

However, how would a person react after catching his better half or lover red-handed with another person?
Recently, a video surfaced on the internet in which a person catches his wife red-handed with another man on a bike. Not just the woman’s reaction after getting caught is surprising, but her siblings’ reaction on the spot may also leave you astonished.

In the video, a man can be seen on a bike with his friend. However, he approaches another bike with a man and woman seated on it. Approaching the woman, the man instantly charges by saying, “Remove your mask. So, you are doing all these things on the bike.”

The man continues, “You went for your exam, What are you doing here? The exam is going on.”

To this, the woman replies, “I know, but my bike is being repaired.”

Losing his cool, the man hits the other to which his wife reacts aggressively.
The man again continues, “Do you have any shame? Leaving me, you are roaming with someone else? Leaving your husband... Did you say about this even once to me?”

Further, the man alleges that his wife didn’t ask him to drop her at the exam centre. Instead, she asked his brother. He also identifies his sister-in-law and brother-in-law standing near a garage.

However, his wife continues to refute the allegations and warns him to do whatever he wants to do. Even, the man’s sister-in-law hurled abusive words at him and warned him. On the other hand, the man confidently says that he was aware of his wife’s extramarital affair, and he finally caught him after many days.

Though the authenticity of the video couldn’t be verified it was shared on Twitter by ShoneeKapoor and has gone viral drawing flak from users.