Cassian Baliarsingh

 A man’s dream of watching a beautiful belly dancer turned into a nightmarish experience after he was caught red-handed by his wife. The hilarious video has left netizens in splits with people wondering if the man is still alive (on a funny note).

The bone-tickling video was shared by an Instagram user and has garnered millions of views on the photo-sharing app. Sharing the video, Kashyap Memer wrote, “Belly Dance Ke Chakkar Me Fas Gaye.”

The video starts with a man sitting at a dining table and looking at a beautiful belly dancer who shows off her sexy dance moves. The belly dancer gets a little close to the man and shakes her belly as the man continues to ogle at her unaware that he is being watched by his wife.

Soon, the camera moves toward his wife who is seen watching him patiently in an angry mood. She seems like she is going to kill him the very instant. Unaware that his wife is watching him, the man continues to enjoy the belly dancer's moves until he faces his wife and sees her angry face.

Soon, his reaction changes and he turns into a timid innocent being as if his wife is going to kill him. Meanwhile, his friends are seen laughing and enjoying the moment. The hilarious video has gone viral with millions of views and likes.

The comment section has also been filled with hilarious reactions from social media users that will make you go ROFL.

“Ab Iski biwi isse belly dance karayegi,” commented one user while another user wrote, “Is k baad kya hua ye video bhi post karo pls (with laughing emojis).”

A third user wrote, “Aisi Biwi Hogi Toh Kya Koi Kisi Aur Ko Dekhega.”