Soumya Prakash Pradhan

During holidays, people often venture outside their homes for leisure activities.

Some opt for a trip to the movie theatre, while others choose activities like bike riding or simply enjoying a day at the park. Many find solace and joy in these free moments.

Recently, an incident gained attention in which individuals ventured into perilous locations to take selfies.

However, one such situation took a dangerous turn when a woman almost faced a life-threatening situation but managed to survive due to her quick thinking.

The viral video showcases an unexpected incident involving a lady who had visited a public park.

She ventured close to a buffalo, a wild bison, to capture a selfie.

According to the report shared on Instagram by an account named ‘Inside History,’ the park was teeming with bison, and numerous people appeared to be visiting that day.

In a fraction of a moment when they attempted to take the selfie, the bison suddenly started charging towards the woman.

A man with her attempted to run ahead, but the lady stayed behind.

In this critical situation, the woman displayed her intelligence by promptly sitting down in the field.

She ceased moving, and this piqued the curiosity of the bison. Onlookers captured this intense moment from a distance, with some people shouting and attempting to distract the bison.

After a brief period of staying near the lady, the bison eventually left the scene, allowing the man to return to her side. Together, they walked away from the park unharmed.

The viral video has garnered various reactions from internet users, with some offering humorous comments.

One user questioned why people assume that wild animals want to befriend them, while another quipped that engaging in risky activities leads to equally risky consequences.

Some users pointed out the dangers of selfie culture, while others shared their thoughts on the historical treatment of bison by White America.

Additionally, some users criticised the behaviour of those who continued to shout at the lady even after the danger had passed.