Poonam Singh

You never know what you'll find on the internet. The content can range from bizarre to completely bizarre. And after watching this video, you might agree with us. An argument between a woman and a young girl over a seat turned into a full-blown fight inside a bus.

In the viral clip, a woman and a girl can be seen pulling each other’s hair. Later, they picked up a fierce fight.  

As seen in the video, two women can be seen are arguing while hitting each other. Some people could be seen intervening in the fight and trying to end the clash. But the fight continued and went on for some time as chaos ensued in the bus.

Later, some police constables can be seen coming inside the bus and taking them out of the vehicle. However, after getting down from the bus also they were seen fighting each other while the women constable tried to clash. 

A lot of yelling and screaming could be heard in the background of the video as they fought each other aggressively.

The video shared on Twitter by Ghar Ke Kalesh has garnered over 61.6K views now and it has triggered hilarious comments. Many went on to say that they experienced such scenarios while travelling on public transport.