Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

It is said, old habits die hard and smoking is one such habit that can ruin life. Smoking is injurious to health and almost everyone is well aware of the risks. However, people who develop such bad habits of smoking find it quite difficult to quit.

However, have you ever seen any wife helping her husband to smoke? If you have seen, you might have never seen any wife riding pillion and holding a cigarette as her husband takes puffs at intervals while driving the vehicle.

As seen in the video, a couple is riding on a scooter. While the saree-clad woman is sitting on the pillion with a flag in one hand, she is holding a burning cigarette in the other. Even a kid is seen standing in front of the scooter. 

Suddenly, the man turns his face towards the side and his wife helps him to take a puff by bringing the cigarette close to his mouth. She repeats her action while her husband focuses on driving.

Well, the video shared on Twitter by Hasna Zaroori Hai has triggered hilarious comments from netizens. Several users have hailed the couple, especially the woman for being supportive of her husband's smoking. Meanwhile, some others seem to be surprised. The video went viral on social media in no time.

One user wrote, “Wow...Kya seen hai.” (sic)

A second user wrote, “Koi sapna lagta hai.” (sic)

“Aisi wives bhi hoti h kya???” wrote a third user. (sic)