Cassian Baliarsingh

Who cheats more in a relationship, men or women? It is a frequently asked question. Some data reveal that men tend to cheat more than women. On the other hand, many are of the belief that women cheat more often.

Before you react, this cheating matter is highly debatable and has become a common issue in this modern era of Instagram and reels. Meanwhile, a Pakistani girl hit the streets to find answer to the everlasting question and had a few hilarious answers in reply.

The hilarious video will leave you go ROFL. The video was shared on Instagram by a user @the_royal_sisodiya_ and has been going viral. With over 20M likes and views, the video has broken the internet.

Watch the video here:

The video starts with the girl asking a boy, “Acha Batao, Ladke Bewafa Hote Hain Ya Ladkiyan (Tell me, who is the cheater, me or women?)” 

Without a second thought, the boy tells, “Ladkiyan” to which the girl again asks ‘kyun’? Then the boy replies, “Bas, Hoti Hain. Main Sach Bata Raha Hun. Main Duniya Ki Baat Bata Raha Hoon Apko. Apke Pass Iphone, Rolex, Car Hai Toh Koi Ladki Bewafa Nahin Hai. Agar Apke Paas Kuch Bhi Nahin Hai Toh Har Ladki Bewafa Hai.”

Then, the girl asks, “Aisi Baat Kyun Hai (Why is it so)?” The boy replies, “Yeh Duniya Ka Trend Hai. Cycle Wala Ka Pyaar Motorcycle Wala Le Jata Hai. Motorcycle Wala Ka Pyaar Gadi Wala Le Jata Hai. (This is the latest trend. A cycle boy’s love is taken away by a motorcycle man and motorcycle man’s love is taken away by a car owner).” 

The girl and the people gathered there break out in a laughter after hearing the boys hilarious answer.

Unable to control her laughter, the girl again asks, “Tumhare Saath Aise Huya Hai?” The 'lucky' fellow says that he owns a Honda and hasn’t fallen in love yet. 

The hilarious video is going crazy viral and internet had some hilarious reactions in the comment section. “Gadi Wala Ka Pyaar, Govt Job Wala Le Jata Hai Bhai,” commented one user.

Another user commented, “Toh Roh Kyun Raha Hai Bhai.. Jaldi Kamao, Paisa Kamao Aur Tum Bhi Kisi Aur Ka Pyaar Le Aao (with laughing emojis).” “Arey Sahi Bol Gaya, Yeh Toh,” commented another user.