Poonam Singh

Wedding invitation cards are one of the main highlights of preparations for marriage. These exquisite cards take various forms, ranging from personalized cards paired with sumptuous chocolates to eco-conscious options crafted from biodegradable materials. 

However, the latest sensation to sweep across the internet is an unconventional wedding invitation that takes a refreshing approach by showcasing the academic achievements of the bride and the groom.

This unique wedding invitation card has gone viral after it surfaced on X, previously known as Twitter. 

The invitation proudly highlights the groom's affiliation with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay while equally emphasizing the bride's connection with IIT Delhi.

On Tuesday, an X user @mister_whistler shared a picture of a now-viral wedding card with a simple yet profound caption: "All you need is love to get married."

It’s unclear if the card is from a real wedding or made as a prank, but it has prompted a discussion about how Indians are obsessed with good colleges such as IIMs and IITs.

Since its initial share, the wedding card has captured significant attention amassing an impressive 57.7K views and garnering over 400 likes.

An X user wrote, “Stream bhi likh dete. And AIR. So we know who is the dom and sub in this relationship.” Another commented, “Par for the course. A few decades ago, when degrees were hard to get, mentioning BSc, BCom, etc., was the norm. I have seen an invite where the last name of one side of the family was not mentioned ('coz different caste). Have accepted the anti-social tag from the family than attend most weddings that feel claustrophobic - in between the show for labels and identities, there is no breathing space left anymore.”

A third user wrote, “This is another yet another level of show off…the drama of Indian weddings.”