Manoj Kumar Jena

When it comes to strange things, the roads or metro trains in Delhi have always something for the netizens. The Internet is filled with many videos where people are caught doing bizarre things. 

We all have stumbled upon such videos where youths were caught dancing in metros, the middle of roads, and many other places you can’t imagine, but now a viral video regarding dancing is gaining traction on social media. 

In a recent instance, the video of a woman dancing her heart out inside a convertible car on a busy road is making rounds on various social media platforms. 

In the viral clip, the woman can be seen inside a red convertible car and she can be seen dancing her heart out in her own world without thinking about the surroundings. 

It was also seen that the road was fully crowded and the commuters were seen shocked to see the dance. 
The video was shared on the Instagram handle of _epic69 with the caption, “Just delhi things.” (SIC)

The netizens left their remarks in the comment section and expressed security concerns as one user commented, “They are not only risking their lives but others too,” another user wrote, “The administration should take action even if it’s Delhi Vibe.” (SIC)

The video has amassed 6.7 million views. 

WATCH the video below: