Cassian Baliarsingh

Rare footage of the energetic and stunning snow leopards known as the ‘Ghosts of the Mountains’ has been going viral after the fluffy-looking creatures were captured in Himachal Pradesh. The pale-colored animals can be seen seamlessly navigating the rugged terrain and jumping around along a rocky mountain slope.

The rare video footage was shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan on Twitter.

The video starts with a young snow leopard walking along a rocky terrain. It is soon joined by another cub as they effortless jump from one ridge to another until they reach their mother. Later, the mother snow leopard caresses them and licks their faces as the family reunites.

Sharing the video, Parveen wrote, “The ghost of the mountains. A snow leopard family captured by good friend @irsankurrapria. They are one of the most agile hunters on earth.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “It’s a mother with two cubs. Snow leopards are most adaptable to high and cold altitudes. They are known for their acrobatics including running on steep slopes and long jumps. The video was shot at Lahaul-Spiti, during last week.”

“Snow leopards are the big cats that can’t roar. Their paws are specially designed for the hills and slopes. Powerful, agile, secretive and beautiful,” he added.

The captivating moment has left netizens in awe of the beautiful creatures who took to the comment section to praise the photographer who captured the pictures and video.

“The video filled my heart with joy. Thanks for sharing,” commented one user.

Another user wrote, “That is some great camera work and peak patience. Awesome,” while another user wrote, “Wow! Can’t imagine the hard work that would have gone into capturing this amazing video. So heartening.”

“The photographer is Ghost Buster. Jokes apart. Stunning natgeo level footages… Would love to hear his journey for this particular story,” commented another user.