Manoj Kumar Jena

Cycling is believed to be one of the best exercises when it comes to keeping the body fit. Cycling is an exercise that allows you to have a view of the outside world rather than a gym, which involves activities only limited to four walls.

Apart from giving a pleasant experience, cycling can also be thrilling as there are viral videos where the cyclists were seen getting chased by dangerous animals. A similar incident is now making rounds on social media, which is getting a hilarious response from the netizens.

The video of a man riding a cycle shouting for life while getting chased by dogs is going viral on various social media platforms. 

The location of the video is yet to be known. 

In the video, a man while cycling can be seen getting chased by a dog. Seeing the dog chasing him, the man started pedaling faster. To his horror, the furious dog’s clan joined in and the chase became intense. 

After seeing the whole squad after him, the man started shouting for life with one option left to pedal faster to escape the canines. 

After chasing him for a few minutes, the dogs stopped and the man recorded himself giving a smile of relief. 

After the video went viral on social media, it infected netizens with laughter. The netizens found this chase as one of the funniest encounters between a dog and a man. 

The comment section was filled with hilarious remarks as one user wrote, “Imagine the chain brokes suddenly,” and another user wrote, “I think this is the highest speed in your carrier.” (SIC)

The video was shared on the Instagram handle of majelistawa. Till the filing of this report, the post has amassed a whopping 58.4 million views.