Rashmi Rekha Das

Courtesy lessons are essential for children to make them polite. Besides, these lessons are important for making children understand how to maintain smooth social interactions.

With these important lessons, children can better orient themselves in any challenging environment and feel confident about asking questions and participating in society. 

Such behavioral traits are far from reality in many countries. Keeping the importance of courtesy lessons in mind, IAS officer Awanish Sharan took to Twitter and shared a video that shows a group of kids getting ‘courtesy lessons’ in school. 

As the clip goes on, the kids can be seen role-playing as different people one can see on a bus.

In the lessons, the children can be seen learning how to offer their seats to those who need them more.

“This is a ‘courtesy lesson’ taught to elementary school children in Japan,” read the caption.

This video from a school in Japan has gone viral soon after being posted by the IAS officer. 

The video has over 190k views and tons of reactions. 

While some wrote about how the clip was an important lesson for people of all ages, others pointed out that children should get such basic lessons other than mugging up textbooks.

One user wrote: “These life virtues are desirable all the time and can be inculcated at this tender age beautifully”

Another commented: “This is incredibly thoughtful to put manners and etiquettes in young minds this way.”

Third user said “Inculcating the right set of values from the very beginning. Inspite of being so sound technically they are so rooted to ground. Immense respect for them.” 

Fourth one wrote: “With so much technological advancement and modernisation.... Japanese society is still connected to its roots. One of the most grateful and generous people.”