Manoj Kumar Jena

Indian weddings have their own perks. All the filmy celebrations, emotions, dress, and food, you just name them; the Indian weddings will never fail to amaze you for the ‘all in one’ feature. 

Most of the people in their life have dreamed once of getting married in a ‘big fat wedding’ event even if they are eloping with their lover. 

Recently a stunning visual from a wedding has come to the fore which has caught the attention of the netizens. 

The video of a groom wearing a garland of currency notes which in total was about Rs 20 lakh. The video of the same has now gone viral on various social media platforms.
The viral video is said to be from Qureshipur village in Haryana. In the clip, the groom can be seen standing on a terrace wearing his wedding Sherwani. The major takeaway from the video is that the groom was wearing a Rs 20 lakh currency note garland, which is shaped in a flower design and consists of Rs 500 notes.  

Due to the size of the garland, the groom is seen standing on the terrace so that he can flaunt his lavish garland which descends from the rooftop to the ground. 

After the video made it to social media, it immediately caught the attention of the netizens and some users questioned the authenticity of the currency notes used in the video. 

The video was shared on the official Instagram handle of user dilshadkhan_kureshipur. 

Netizens shared skeptical remarks in the comments section. "The ED should knock their door," wrote one user while another user sarcastically commented, "Income tax alert."

The viral video has garnered over 4 lakh likes and 18 million views. 

Watch the viral clip below: