Manoj Kumar Jena

Dancers often participate in dance battles to showcase their dance skills. Dance battle is a method where two participants compete with each other by showcasing unique moves to become the winner. During a dance battle, the flow of energy goes to a different level as the viewers also enjoy along with the participants. Sometimes, things take a different turn during those competitions when the dancers compete with anger.

Recently, two dancers who were competing in a dance battle ended up slapping each other. The video of the whole incident is going viral on various social media platforms. 

The location of the video is yet to be known. 

In the video, a dancer wearing an orange colour t-shirt comes onto the dance floor. He could be seen filled with confidence and aggression through his attitude. He started his round by showcasing brilliant dance moves to his opponent to which the audience started cheering for him. 

Soon the dance battle took a heated turn when the dancer jumped on his opponent and slapped him. The audience was shocked by this move and they tried to pacify them from getting into further fights. 

Seeking revenge, the other opponent placed a hard slap on the dancer who had started the brawl first.

The video was shared on the Instagram handle of kaleshkomedy with the caption, “Hard Slap Kalesh b/w Two Dancer's During Face-Off battle.” (SIC)

The netizens left hilarious remarks in the comment section as one user wrote, “Second wale thappad ne toh suun krdiya bhai ko,” and another user wrote, “The face he maskes after receiving that revenge slap meanns he knew he deserved that.”

Till the filing of this report, the post has garnered 49.9K views.

WATCH the video below