Manoj Kumar Jena

Dogs are considered man’s best friend for various reasons. Be it guarding the house from thieves or any other work, canines are always dedicated to their masters. Even the internet is filled with wholesome videos, that depict why dogs are considered as man’s best friend. 

Recently, the video of a pet dog rescuing a fawn (baby deer) from drowning has gone viral on social media platforms. 

So far, the location where the video was shot is yet to be confirmed.

In the video, a black dog, which is presumed to be a Labrador, can be seen gently carrying the baby deer in his mouth saving it from drowning in a pond. The brave dog gently swam through the pond and safely reached the shore after rescuing the baby deer. 

The owner of the dog can be heard behind the camera praising the dog for its heroic save. 

The video was shared on the X (formerly Twitter) handle of AnimalNmlfckng with the caption, “Made My Day.”

After the video made it to social media, netizens praised the dog and left their opinions in the comment section. One user wrote, “who thought it was a crocodile?,” while another user remarked, “Wow Incredible.”

The video has amassed 56.2K views so far. 

WATCH the video below: