Soumya Prakash Pradhan

We often choose 'Maggi' noodles whenever someone wants a quick food.

A recent video viral on social media features a unique recipe combining the traditional flavour of golgappa, also known as paani puri, with Maggi noodles. 

In the video, a woman is seen enjoying golgappas stuffed with freshly cooked vegetable Maggi.

She uses a spoon to scoop some Maggi into the golgappa before eating it, laughing funnily.

The video was shared with the caption 'Tried this viral Maggi-filled golgappa 😝🤓😇!!' After going viral, the video garnered 3.7 million views, 19.5k likes, and numerous comments.

Among the comments, one user wrote, “Kaun hai ye tejaswi log, kaha se ate hai ye log!!” Another user suggested, “Chai daal ke khao jada maja aayega👍."

Another comment humorously remarked, “Golgappe ka balatkaar hote hue Or ham dekhte hue” And someone else exclaimed, “Hey raam ye kyaa dekh liya maine 😮” Yet another user said, “Haa khaya h mene bhut tasty lga.”

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