Cassian Baliarsingh

In an outrageous act, a man damaged as many as 15 cars by pouring acid in order to take revenge after he was fired from the job. A video of the man pouring acid on the vehicles has left social media users stunned.

The bizarre incident has been reported from Maxblis White House society in Sector 75, under sector-113 police limits in Noida.

According to reports, the man identified as Ramaraj was engaged as a car cleaner in the group housing society in Noida. However, the owners were not happy with his quality of work and fired him.

In an act of revenge, he returned to the society with a bottle of acid and damaged around 15 cars by pouring acid on them. The matter came to the fore after the car owners spotted their damaged cars and scanned CCTV footage to find Ramaraj pouring acid.

Based on a complaint by the car owners, police launched a manhunt and nabbed Ramaraj. Meanwhile, the easy availability of acid has become a matter of serious concern in India.

Despite a rise in acid attacks, there has been no rule to check the easy sale and availability of acid in the market.