Rashmi Ranjan

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced educational institutes to switch to online classes to impart education to students. Though the online learning system has many benefits, there are certain drawbacks too.

While many students are taking advantage of the technology, many are misutilising the system. 

Recently, a video of such kind has surfaced on the internet where a boy entered the chat room during an online class and attempted to speak to a girl. However, the boy was later blocked by the teacher for his mischief.

As seen in the viral video, a teacher was taking online classes with over 50 students and suddenly the boy slides into the chat room. 

The boy starts praising the teacher, when she asks him his identity. When the teacher says he cannot behave like this during a class, the boy pleads and says he has no other options left to speak to a girl named Stuti.

During the conversation between the duo, a girl says, “I don’t know who the person is. Ma’am please block him.”

The entire conversation during the online class is now going viral and has garnered over 44,000 views.

Moreover, the video got 65 retweets and more than 500 likes.

Watch the video here...