Soumya Prakash Pradhan

From the Roka ceremony, to haldi to the Gruhaprabesa, Indian weddings are lavish with various rituals and traditions.

Music, dance, fun, and gathering of all relatives, add to the festivity of an Indian wedding.

One of the major traditions is the Haldi ceremony, where family members gather wearing yellow outfits, enjoying the moment by dancing and playing games.

Recently, a video on social media showed a unique game played during a haldi ceremony.

In the video, participants divide into two teams and place items on a table. They listen to a song where certain keywords trigger them to grab items from the table. This fun game gained popularity quickly, with many netizens loving the concept.

The caption of the viral video, shared by user @tarunkaishq, reads, “This game at Haldi promises hilarious moments and unforgettable memories. Save this game for the most epic fun-filled adventure at Haldi!” The video garnered 18.9 million views, 863K likes, and numerous comments.

In the video, one user commented, “Don't understand what the game or rule is just in short reels,” while another user simply wrote, “Interesting 😂.” 

Another user commented, “Ab ye chalu ho jaiga har shadhi me 😂😂😂 Aajkal shadhi me shadhi ke alawa sab kuch ho raha hai 🤣.”

Yet another user commented, “Public pura maja le rhi hai🤣.”

Another user, claiming to be an event manager, commented, “I am a event manager and I know how much rich buggies enjoy or only showoff 😂.”

One user commented, “mujhe q itna khusi hori hai apn toh court marriage k soch rakh hai🙈.” Another user expressed a desire for a similar game at their own haldi ceremony, saying, “Agr ye nhi hua meri haldi pr toh mrko nhi krni shaadi😭.” 

Overall, the video sparked a lively discussion among viewers, showcasing the growing trend of incorporating creative and entertaining activities into traditional wedding ceremonies.

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