Soumya Prakash Pradhan

India is renowned for its delicious cuisine, which boasts a global fan base. The use of aromatic spices and mouth-watering flavours has made Indian food famous worldwide.

Iconic dishes like shahi paneer, dal makhani, butter naan, jalebi, and many more exemplify Indian culinary excellence.

When foreigners visit India and indulge in its cuisine, they often share their delightful experiences on social media.

A recent viral video on 'X' captures one such moment. In this video, a foreigner tried an Indian meal and was so impressed that he exclaimed, "My taste buds have been taken on an incredible journey. It is almost criminal how good this food is."

The foreigner placed an order at ‘India Oven,’ a local Indian restaurant in Kentucky. His order included onion bhajia, butter chicken, garlic naan, rice, and gulab jamun. Seated in a car, he savoured each dish one by one, and the way he pronounced their names added a beautiful touch to the experience.

The video on the 'X' platform garnered 35.7 million views, 257,000 likes, and numerous comments.
Viewers shared their own reactions to Indian food.

One user in the comment section reminisced, "This was exactly how I felt the first time I tried Indian food as a kid in Iowa."

Another user humorously mentioned, "He had a foodgasm with the gulab jamun; he had to cut the video short."

Some were surprised by the idea of eating Indian food in a car, with one user stating, "Eating Indian food in the car is a wild experience." 

However, there were also some remarks questioning the authenticity of the dishes, with a user saying, "Somebody should grant this guy an Indian visa. What he's eating doesn't exactly resemble Indian food."

Nonetheless, the general consensus remained positive, with one user declaring, "Butter chicken and butter naan is one of the best food combinations in existence.”