Cassian Baliarsingh

A man in Kerala got a new lease of life after a venomous snake was found inside his helmet.  A horrific video of the snake slithering out of his helmet has left the internet in shock.

Sojan, a native of Thrissur in Kerala, had placed his helmet on his parked scooter at his workplace. Later in the evening after office, he went to retrieve his vehicle. Lucky for him, a cautious Sojan spotted something moving inside his helmet.

“It felt like a snake and I was terrified,” Sojan said.

Without disturbing the reptile, he promptly alerted the forest department following which a snake volunteer reached the spot and to everyone’s surprise found the snake inside the helmet.

After hiding in the helmet for a while, the snake then slithers out of it, sending chills down the spine. It was hiding inside the inner lining of the helmet. The venomous snake then tries to slither away but the snake catcher holds it.

It was later released into the wild, reports said.