Cassian Baliarsingh

Couples cheating their parents and making excuses to meet their partners is a common sight on Valentine’s Day, especially among brown households. Yet, a few unfortunate couple gets caught.

A couple experienced the same fate while they were celebrating Valentine’s Day together. The girl’s mother turned up during their secretive meeting and gave them a brutal thrashing. A video of the whole incident is now going viral on social media, bringing back the chatter around brown parents resorting to abuse over the relationship status of their children.

The video begins in a romantic mood and shows the couple seated at a well-decorated restaurant. Unluckily, the girl’s mother interrupts the romantic atmosphere with a slipper in her hand.

Without a word, she begins to unleash her fury upon the young man. She then turns her ire towards her daughter after the female partner valiantly steps in to shield her beloved from the onslaught. No one dares to stop the mother as she looks furious and continues to unleash her fury on the young couple.

An eyewitness captured the entire chaotic spectacle on his camera. On the other hand, the mother lunges towards the recorder and vehemently demands him to stop filming her. 

Although it is not clear when the video was shot, its resurgence on Valentine’s Day is a chilling reminder to all the secret lovers. While singles enjoyed the kalesh, many opined that brown parents being abusive to their children had to be stopped.

“Parents getting so rude is really unbelievable. Both of them are 18+, at least let them live their life,” a user commented.

Another user wrote, “The state of India, which is not enough poor by wealth but one of the poorest when it comes to thoughts, feelings, liberty and acceptance.”

“Where is the police by the way, oh maybe they are busy catching lovebirds in public parks,” another user commented.