Cassian Baliarsingh

In a heartwarming incident, a tourist from the United States, who forgot her wallet on a train in India, revealed how an Indian man went extra miles to help her find her lost item. 

The man is now being branded as the ‘Ambassador of Indian Tourism.’

Sharing her story through a video on Instagram, the woman @stephandpete_ said she boarded a train in Gujarat, India. Unfortunately, she forgot her wallet inside the train and got off at a station. 

She was worried and had no clue what to do next. However, she received a message from a man named Chirag on Instagram, who informed her that he had found her purse on the train and would want to return it. He also sent her his address so that she could reach him.

After getting the message, the tourist went to Chirag’s restaurant in Bhuj, Gujarat where she was welcomed by a smiling Chirag who happily returned her purse. Overwhelmed, the tourist tried to offer Chirag some money for his kind gesture, but he politely refused to accept it and instead advises her to keep be careful and safe.

Sharing the video, the tourist said, “He wouldn’t take it. I’m really touched. I’m teary-eyed now. I feel like there’s so much negative news that comes out of India. But, there is so much positive that happens here. It is a beautiful country.”

Later, the tourist’s husband also tries to reach out to Chirag and offer him some help, but the man with Indian values refuses to accept any money and instead wishes the foreigners a best of luck and safe journey.