Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

When one escapes from the jaws of death , it is often considered a miracle. Indians commonly use a phrase for similar incidents, 'Jako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koi' which means 'No one can kill you when God is your saviour /protector'. And, the Almighty can only do a miracle.

Here we bring a video that will restore faith in you if you don’t believe in miracles and the invisible power of the Almighty.

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As seen in the video, a couple is standing on a footpath while looking towards the top of a building. The man is having a conversation over a mobile phone. However, suddenly the couple rushes frontwards stretching their arms outwards. The man’s legs slipped as he rushed fast, but he stabilised. With stretched arms, he was still looking up. 

The video from another angle shows the building with a red circle marking something. If looked closely, one can see something falling from one window from the top of the building. However, the couple was standing down with their arms stretched outwards. 

Surprisingly, an infant lands in the arms of the man. The woman is also quite alert and immediately holds the baby. It was the infant that fell from the window. But, the couple was standing like an angel to save the baby and the infant safely landed in their arms.

The scary video shared on Twitter by The Figen has taken the internet by storm with over 156K views, 11K likes and massive retweets. However, the internet is in splits and users are finding it hard to believe claiming it to be a tampered video. Meanwhile, many have also appreciated the great act of the couple.

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