Poonam Singh

British chef Jake Dryan, residing in London, is making waves across the internet with his extraordinary culinary project. His ambitious mission involves crafting dishes from each of India's diverse states, meticulously exploring one state at a time. 

In his latest culinary adventure, he delighted viewers by showcasing the preparation of Dahibara Aludum, a beloved Odia dish. As anticipated, the video garnered an enthusiastic response from netizens, further propelling his unique culinary journey.

“DahiBara Alu Dum. I’m posting some of my favourites from the previous months. This is a very popular street food combo in Odisha and i’m looking forward to trying it one day!!,” wrote Jake Dryan while sharing a video of himself making Dahibara Alu dum from scratch. 

The video opens to show Dryan blending soaked urad dal to make the bara batter. He then can be seen deep-frying the bara and soaking it in water. Next, he prepared the curd for soaking the deep-fried bara. He then moves to make the next part of the dish which is the aludum for which he as cumin seeds, bay leaves, red chilli, green cardamom, and cinnamon to the oil and then added chopped onion and tomatoes and added the boiled potato to make the curry. Towards the end, he can be seen plating the dish and devouring it.

Watch Jake Dryan cooking Dahibara Aludum here:

Since being shared on Instagram on September 6, the video has raked up more than 455K views. It has also accumulated lakhs of likes and comments.

Here’s how Instagram users reacted to the viral video:

“omg! This is literally fire, you cooking “The” dish of Odisha, makes me feel so good” wrote an individual. Another commented, “This is one of my favourite dishes ! I am drooling.” “Seriously it looks like an Indian man is cooking food.. step by step,” posted a third user. 

A fourth one shared, “This is just so phenomenal! I’m Odia and believe me I feel quite ashamed of myself that I still haven’t made this on my own from scratch. Intend to change that, pronto! Keep up your amazing work, you are so so inspiring!.”