Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In the era of social media, people are spending a significant portion of their day engaging themselves in varied content. Some are actively creating content while others are consuming it.

A prevalent trend on social media is the 'GRWM' videos, which stands for 'Get Ready With Me.'

In these videos, creators share snippets of their daily routines, often focusing on applying makeup, dressing up, or preparing for the day ahead.

One particularly amusing and viral video in this genre is a humorous take on the typical GRWM format.

The video features the creator, Neethu Anto, showcasing a comical and exaggerated version of getting ready.

Despite the comedic approach, her stunning and bold appearance in the video adds to its appeal.

Neethu's video, shared on Instagram, has garnered over 795K views and numerous comments.

Viewers appreciate the humour and unique style she brings to the GRWM concept.

From waking up and brushing to making her hair to putting on a t-shirt, pants, and styling her hair, each step is portrayed in a playful yet stylish manner.

The video's popularity is evident from the comments it has received. One user jokingly comments, "Your husband should be a track athlete," highlighting the fast-paced nature of the video.

Another user praises the video's humour, stating, "This GRWM is more entertaining than any other out there. Keep running!"

Some viewers offer practical advice, suggesting to "Keep calm and wake up early" instead of rushing through the routine.