Rashmi Ranjan

Finding a partner is easy. But staying loyal to your partner till eternity is true love. There are several young couples who keep posting their photos and videos together on social media platforms and showcase their relationship goals.

But here, we bring you a video of an elderly couple who shows that they are not far behind and can give a tough challenge to the younger generation.

The video, which has recently surfaced on the internet, is now getting viral.

In the first part of the video, the elderly man can be seen sitting on a scooter while holding his mobile to click a photo of someone.

As the video progresses, the elderly man can be seen clicking pictures of his wife who appears to be seated in front of a mall and posing for her husband.

After the photo session, the woman gets up and the duo leaves the place on their scooter.

The video has so far garnered around 7000 views and liked by more than 1200 internet users.

The internet users are moved by the relationship goals of the couple and termed it as ‘true love’.