Cassian Baliarsingh

They say ‘marriages are made in heaven’. It should be a sacred bond between two people. However, in this era of online dating, extramarital affairs have become a common concern. Going by the growing trend of infidelity in relationships, the 80s and the 90s kids seem to be the last generation who had innocent parents.

Extramarital affairs have become very common in India. Meanwhile, a heartbreaking video, as it seems a staged video, of a soldier returning home only to find his wife with another man, has gone viral leaving the internet in shock.

The video starts with a soldier ringing the door bell of his house. He seems excited and his holding a gift for his wife. To his utter shock, another man opens his house door. The man even threatens the soldier to go away from the house.

This leaves him heartbroken who asks the man to call his wife. Later, the man runs away after finding out that the soldier is the woman’s husband. The wife then comes out and pretends to be innocent. However, the soldier throws her out of the house.

Watch the video here.

The viral 'scripted' video has touched many social media users who took to the comments section and pointed out how the modern generation was doing the worst kind of things in the name of love.

“Love has long lost the battle with lust. It's a harsh Reality 😕 of today's generation,” commented a user. Another user wrote, "I just cried watching this wiping off my tears."

“It is acceptable that women were exploited in past centuries. But it needs to be accepted that some good Men are being exploited in this century,” commented another user.

“Truth of this Generation… Sad but True-TRUST is just a piece of word right now even your closest one can harm you the most...💔,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Adulterers will find a good spot in the gulags. Infact, considering how common it is in the subcontinent, adulterers will fill the gulags and we might even run out of space. 🤔”

“In this case also, He might lose his govt job if the girl complains against him. That’s how Samaj works,” commented another user.


Disclaimer: OTV cannot ascertain whether it is a scripted video or not. The story has been taken to show the netizens' reactions towards such videos.