Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Elephants are considered as exceptionally smart creatures. Having the largest brain among land animals and three times as many neurons as humans, they are one of the most intelligent, socially, and emotionally complex animals. It is quite common to find elephants acting intelligently. In this era of social media, such interesting videos go viral in no time.

Recently, a video surfaced on social media showing a smart jumbo breaking an electrical fence to cross the road. However, its intelligence for breaking the fence will certainly leave you impressed.

In the video, the elephant is seen putting its foot on the wire of the electrical fence. The jumbo carefully tests the wire so that it doesn't get hurt. After several tries, the elegant giant finally puts its foot on the wire. For confirmation, it continues to put its foot on the wire. The next step was to check another wire.

After it gets convinced that the fence is not a threat, the jumbo puts its giant foot on the fencing pole and applies pressure. Slowly, it breaks the fence down and lowers it to the ground. Then, it carefully crosses the broken fence and walks across the road.

Several commuters can be seen on the road gazing at the giant crossing the road. One lucky person captured the smart jumbo and its knowledgeable action on a mobile camera. 

While the original source of the video couldn't be obtained, it is shared by Pareekh Jain on X (formerly known as Twitter) with a caption reading: A diligent testing professional! Elephant tests electric wired fence before taking it down to cross the road. (sic)

The video has garnered massive views and likes. While users praised the majestic being's smartness, several others also expressed their concerns about elephants losing their lives after getting electrocuted.

One user wrote, "So many in Karnataka electrocuted by fences especially after they opened up land ownership to outsiders and forests too destroyed." (sic)

Another wrote, "Fascinating demonstration of an elephant's problem-solving skills. Their ability to assess and adapt to challenges is truly remarkable." (sic)