Poonam Singh

Pakistani actress Sana Javed, who recently tied the knot with cricketer Shoaib Malik, experienced an unpleasant incident during her attendance at a Pakistan Super League (PSL) match where Shoaib was playing for Karachi Kings.

In a viral video circulating on social media, a group of spectators can be heard chanting Sania Mirza's name after watching Sana, seemingly attempting to embarrass and mock the latter.

Despite the disrespectful behaviour, Sana maintained her composure and responded with a stern look towards the individual responsible for the obnoxious chanting. 

Notably, Shoaib and Sana who announced their marriage on January 20 this year have been under public scrutiny since their union, with fans expressing discontent over Shoaib's separation from Indian tennis star Sania Mirza.

The incident at the PSL match has ignited mixed reactions on social media, with some condemning the spectators for their disrespectful behaviour while others scrutinising Sana for stepping into Sania's place in Shoaib's life.

One user wrote, “Finally India and Pakistan in one team.” Another commented, “Chalo Sania mirza ne akhir do desho ko ek kar hi diya.”

A third user wrote, “If you are booing her, then boo shoaib mallik also. Both are equally responsible for the affair. Stop blaming the woman every time a man cheats on his wife.” 

Another netizen called out the spectator and wrote, “This is called as cheapness it comes from illiteracy correct me if I'm wrong.”