Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Shah Rukh Khan's latest movie 'Jawan' has become a huge hit in cinemas with its intriguing storyline and songs and popular star cast like Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra, Sanjay Dutt, Deepika Padukone, and many more.

Social media creators have been enthusiastically dancing to catchy tunes of the movie.

Recently, a dance video on 'Zinda Banda' song from the movie has gone viral on the internet that showcases the dancer's captivating and sensual performance.

The talented dancer behind this video is Kashika Sisodia, who boasts an impressive fan following of 403K on Instagram and 2.81M subscribers on YouTube.

In the video, Kashika is seen dancing to the 'Zinda Banda' song wearing a striking red velvet outfit with full sleeves, complemented by regular stockings.

She sports a chic hairstyle, elegant earrings, and a light pink lip colour. The dance is enhanced by a dynamic RGB light setup in the background, adding to the overall allure of the performance.

The lyrics of the song, "Ladak Bhadak Banda Ho, Khalak Talak Banda Ho, Zikar Fikar Zinda Ho, Banda Ho Zinda Ho," perfectly sync with Kashika's bold and seductive dance moves, making the performance even more captivating.

Kashika shared the video on her social media with a heartfelt caption: "@iamsrk I love you ❤️ Raho Charged & Ready Har Toofani Mausam Ke Liye🔥✨"

Following the video's viral success, netizens flooded the comments section with praise.

One user commented, "Wow, you look stunning ❤️," while another said, "Fantastic!". Yet another user complimented her "Killer Expressions 🔥."