Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The relationship between a man and his sister-in-law is equally precious and sacred like that of a sibling. However, the bond is more humorous, filled with love and respect. There is a lot of leg-pulling and teasing between a 'jija' and 'sali'.

Here we bring a video that shows a girl trying to flirt secretly with her 'jiju' in full public glare. 

As seen in the video, a newly-wed bride and groom are sitting on their wedding throne and a young girl is sitting on the arms of the throne. Several others are also standing behind them. While the couple is posing for photographs, the girl also is included in the photoshoot session. Everyone seems to be quite happy as they are posing for photos with bright smiles on their faces.

While the bride and groom are busy taking a glance at the guests standing nearby, the girl stares at her jiju. However, suddenly the girl ‘secretly’ slips her hand down towards the groom’s hand. At this, the groom’s smiling face turns pale. The awkwardness is quite obvious on the groom’s face as his sali openly flirts with him. However, he doesn't remove his hand from the place. 

The video shared on Instagram by heeralal9226 has triggered hilarious comments. While many passed on lewd comments, some others stated the incident was normal and that there is nothing wrong with it.

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