Cassian Baliarsingh

A few days after a South Korean vlogger was harassed by a few men in Pune, a woman tourist from Russia was allegedly subjected to similar harassment in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The woman has been identified as Viktoriia, a traveler. The incident occurred while Viktoriia was traveling with her Indian friend, a Delhi-based travel vlogger known as ‘On Road Indian’ on YouTube.

The video starts with Viktoriia and her friend filing petrol on their scooter in a petrol pump. However, the petrol pump employee continues to touch Viktoriia without any pretext. This infuriates Viktoriia who questions the employee about his behaviour.

The Russian tourist initially dismissed the first two instances, but on the third occurrence, she was certain of the inappropriate touching. Meanwhile, the employee claims he did not touch her intentionally and apologises for his behaviour.

A social media user shared the video on X and wrote, “Is it still safe for foreign women tourists and travelers? Recently, my Russian Traveler friend faced a serious issue in Jaipur where she was touched by a fuel station staff 3 times. Police came to help.”

Since being shared online, the video is gaining traction online with social media users demanding strict action against such persons because of whom the whole country gets a bad name.

“Strict action should be taken so that no tourists ever feel scared to come to our country,” a user commented.

Another user wrote, “Guests are God for us Indians. So, we should always make sure they are safe in our country.”