Cassian Baliarsingh

Uttarakhand, which is known for its breathtaking mountains, beautiful hills and temples, is now in the news for all the wrong reasons. A video of animal cruelty from the land of the Gods (Devbhumi) has left the internet shocked.

A video of two rowdies forcibly making a horse smoke weed has been going viral on social media platforms. The individuals believed to be the owners of the horse, can be seen forcefully subjecting a horse to inhale what appears to be marijuana.

The miscreants restrain the animal’s mouth and nostrils while administering the marijuana into its nasal passage. The horse can be clearly seen struggling to breathe as it inhales the drug and exhales smoke.

Sharing the video, a Twitter user wrote, “Some people are making a horse smoke weed forcefully at the trek of Kedarnath Temple.” 

Soon Uttarakhand police reacted to the video and wrote, “We have taken cognizance of the viral video wherein a horse is forcefully given smoke. We are trying to identify the men in the video. Appeal: Such incidents should be reported to the nearby police on duty or on 112 for immediate action.”

The incident reportedly took place during a trip to the revered Kedarnath Temple. A Twitter user recorded the video and shared it on social media sparking public outrage. Soon after the video went viral, authorities launched a probe into the incident and a manhunt to nab the miscreants.

The inhumane incident has also raised serious concerns about the safety of the pilgrims who rely on these horses for trekking to Kedarnath. It has also shed light on animal cruelty and the tortures the horses have to go through.